I’m Dr. Adam Sheck, and I’d like to welcome you to the

“Men After Fifty” Community!

Living for more than half a century on this planet is a rite of passage and I wanted to create a place where we can share our wisdom and experience to help each other and to help those who matter in our lives.

As true for many “men after fifty”, I’ve had a number of careers over my lifetime, and have been a psychologist and couples counselor for the last twenty years. I’ve been married, been divorced, witnessed the death of a child and the birth of another one. I’ve loved, lost, and loved again. I’ve been healthy and accumulated “stuff” and I’ve had health issues and lost “stuff”.

After over a half century on the planet, I’ve learned that life isn’t about getting the house, the Lexus, the Rolex, the trophy wife. It wasn’t until I entered my forties that I began to have a spiritual life and look beyond the visible. In psychotherapy I’ve learned that I’ve got mother issues, father issues, abandonment issues, self-worth issues. I’ve learned that I can identify with my issues or rise above them and be of service to others.

The purpose behind creating this “Men After Fifty” Blogsite is to share some of what I’ve learned and experienced over the years and to have other men share their experiences as well. I facilitated men’s groups in the 1990’s and I did a pretty good job, yet I was still fairly young in my personal work and I know that I’ve grown and learned and opened my heart a lot more since then. I’m ready to share and grow and learn and create community with my fellows, so here we are!

As “men over fifty”, we’re still strong and vital in our own ways, yet in different ways than men in their twenties and thirties or even their forties. We are noticing the changes in our bodies and our minds, and the changes in what’s important to us. We’re the same as we always were, yet we’re different as well. That’s what I plan to write about and share about.

In our Western culture, aging isn’t talked about much, it’s avoided, it’s maligned. In this culture, I’m one of the fortunate men according to this mindset. On a good day, I look ten years younger than I am, I’ve got a full head of hair that’s just beginning to gray, and I’m not on taking any medications.

Yet, if I’m honest with myself, I notice the changes in my body, in my priorities, in my outlook on life, in my perspective. I’ve outlived my parents. Statistically I’ve probably lived about two-thirds of my life, and am “over the hump.” I’ve witnessed enough death that I’m not really afraid of it, but I’m not ready to go there anytime soon.

My ex-wife used to say that a man isn’t “cooked” until he’s over fifty. Well, I’m not sure that I’m “cooked” yet, but I know that I’m evolving. And my plan is for this site to evolve as well.  I’m creating a “Men After Fifty” Community and you are welcome to join it and receive our latest news and blogposts by Clicking Here. ¬†

And I’m not a stickler about your exact age OR your gender for that matter.  Women are welcome to join and contribute and learn more about their men as well!  Over time, I’ll be creating products and programs and courses that might be of interest to this community of men and those in our lives.  But, this isn’t just about me, although I’ll be a principal contributor to the site. This is about YOU and your interests and your needs as well. YOU may submit articles and posts and weblinks that you believe will be of interest to the community. I welcome your thoughts, your comments, and your suggestions for what direction YOU would like this site and this community to take.  You are welcome to contact me for any of the above purposes by Clicking Here.

Thank you so much,

Adam Sheck