Ballsy Video For Male Cancer Awareness With Rhian

Believe it or not, more men in die each year of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer!  Why is that?  There are many theories, but I would suggest in my psychological simplicity that it’s because men are men!

We are stoic, tolerate pain, avoid seeking help, avoiding asking for directions and avoid seeing doctors unless we believe we are dying!  We ignore the warning signs of many physical illnesses.  And while many women are rallying to create awareness of breast cancer and find the cure, as men, perhaps we’d rather pretend that nothing is wrong.

This creative and VERY ballsy video features the beautiful model Rhian and will definitely get the attention of men.  WARNING: it is over the top, risqué and will be disturbing for some of you.  AND, ignoring cancer is even more disturbing, so I’m willing to take the risk in sharing this.

Pay attention to your body and to your health, especially those in our Men After Fifty Community!  We’ve got to look after each other!  PLEASE share this information with someone you care about.

Thanks so much,

Adam Sheck

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