Don’t Wait For The New Year, Start Now!

changeDon’t Wait For The New Year, Start Now!

Most of us wait until the “New Year” to reassess our lives and state new plans, intentions and “resolutions” for our lives. Yes, it’s a time when there is general consensus that this is a good thing to do, yet why wait?

If you want to create change in your life, why wait? NOW is the only time that you can make change, whether that NOW happens to occur today, tomorrow or on the first of January. The only thing that creates change is creating change: in the mind, the heart, the body. It starts with intention and completes with follow through. And it begins NOW!

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Should A Man Be The Man On The First Date?

should a man be the man?Should A Man Be The Man On The First Date?

Having recently reentered the dating pool, I am reexamining (a lot of “re’s” in this post) the rules for dating.  I’m wondering if in the year 2012 we a truly an egalitarian society or if we even really want to be, at least when it comes to dating?

As a “man after fifty”, I was raised to view women in a certain way and instructed to open doors, pull out chairs, stand up when a lady enters the room, etc.  And of course, it was also inherent to pay for the first date, and many more dates to come.  And as the father of an eighteen year old daughter, I have done my best to be conscious of how she viewed me treating women in an effort to model how I’d like her to be treated by men, so that she would have an expectation of being treated well, with respect and dignity.

And yet as my daughter was becoming a young lady and beginning to date, I also felt sorry for the teenage boys who had to pay $30 minimum  for a movie and dinner and that was cheap (I also felt for their parents who subsidized this).  To my daughter at least, going “dutch” seemed reasonable given no one that age really had that kind of money consistently.  Of course, sometimes they snuck into the movies through the back door 🙂

So, I wondered what the latest positions were on this in the “grownup” world.  Doing a little bit of Internet research, I noticed a 2009 [Read more…]

Do Entrepreneurs Have A Higher Divorce Rate?

entrepreneur divorce rateIs the entrepreneur divorce rate higher compared to the rest of the population?

To tell you the truth, I really don’t know AND I don’t believe that divorce statistics are compiled according to profession. However, since Inc. Magazine did publish an article on Why So Many Entrepreneurs Get Divorced I felt that this was an issue I should examine.

It is especially relevant to the “Men After Fifty” population that reads my articles, as a much higher percent of my readers are entrepreneurs and I network with many of them. Before I give you my own thoughts about entrepreneur divorce, let me summarize the Inc. article.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Man After Fifty?

I can only answer this question, “what does it mean to be a man after fifty?” from my own experience and ask that YOU will all comment and share YOUR answers as well. I hope to create a dialogue which will help me expand this “Men After Fifty” Community and Website in directions that will serve men and their loved ones.

As of the time of writing this article, I’m in my early fifties and I’ve really been contemplating what that means to me.  Although much of the time I still feel like I’m twenty-five, I also must admit that I’m “over the hump” and most likely have less time left on the planet than I’ve already lived.

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