Passion & Purpose Interview

Dr. Adam SheckI was recently interviewed by my friend and colleague, Lesly Federici on her radio show on the topic of passion and purpose in our lives. The 30 minute audio replay is available above to download or  play directly from this page.

We talk about my journey into my life purpose/mission as well as the ingredients for others to do the same. I would love your thoughts and comments about the interview.

Thanks so much,

Dr. Adam Sheck

What Makes A Man After Fifty Sexy? Guest Blog By Sandy Weiner

sandy weinerWhat Makes A Man After Fifty Sexy? Guest Blog By Sandy Weiner

When I was in my twenties, I couldn’t imagine associating the word ‘sexy’ with anyone over thirty. Over fifty? Gross! My perspective certainly has shifted now that I’m in my fifties and dating again after divorce. I feel sexier and happier than ever before. And I have dated many men who are quite sexy into their fifties and sixties. They certainly don’t need to look like George Clooney, who comes up as the sexiest man over fifty in a Google search. So, what makes men over fifty sexy?

1. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence! I believe that the number one quality that makes a man sexy at any age is self-confidence. A man over fifty has [Read more…]

Guest Post: Nicole Rushin – On Honoring Men

On Honoring Men


on honoring menA simple, zen and minimalist post with the intention to simply honor the spirit of men.

Know that this is not meant to be sexual because our views on sexuality are different and varied and could never be contained in one persons perspective.

It is about embracing the full nature of our spirituality and simply honoring men because it seems everywhere I turn women are adored and put on artistic display.

Women are portrayed in art more often than men as their silhouettes are compared to the S curve of a swelling horizon.

Okay, that is only fair.

Women are the anima, [Read more…]

What It Means To Be A Man After Fifty: Sunwolf

sunwolfIntroducing my FIRST guest blogger: Sunwolf

Already 50 plus, how about 60 and growing…. And grooving it.. Hey, we have no choice when it comes to Biological Age. We have choice as to how we feel..  I feel like a kid, on some level where  I have not grown up… grin grin .

I made a decision long time ago that age would not deter me from experiencing all the joy, bliss and pleasure I deserve. I choose to claim it on a daily basis.. This is our  birthright. I never played the game where society tells you to believe where we hear often ,that some day when you get to be over 40, you will slow down, start feeling pain etc., and lose the zest for life.

Yes, I AM an anomaly. And I am not even in the youth of Middle Age  grin grin. It’s all about how one feels. So I choose to [Read more…]