5 Guys Talking About Manhood

I’m very excited and honored to have been the first guest invited to be part of the Good Men Project Google Hangout on April 11, 2013!

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The five man video chat covered topics ranging from men and relationships, to mission and life purpose, to the differences between the first and second half of a man’s life. Please watch/listen to the Good Men Project Hangout and share your thoughts with me about it. I guarantee it will be stimulating!

What Makes A Man After Fifty Sexy? Guest Blog By Sandy Weiner

sandy weinerWhat Makes A Man After Fifty Sexy? Guest Blog By Sandy Weiner

When I was in my twenties, I couldn’t imagine associating the word ‘sexy’ with anyone over thirty. Over fifty? Gross! My perspective certainly has shifted now that I’m in my fifties and dating again after divorce. I feel sexier and happier than ever before. And I have dated many men who are quite sexy into their fifties and sixties. They certainly don’t need to look like George Clooney, who comes up as the sexiest man over fifty in a Google search. So, what makes men over fifty sexy?

1. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence! I believe that the number one quality that makes a man sexy at any age is self-confidence. A man over fifty has [Read more…]

What Makes A Man Sexy? Sexiest Men Over 50

sexiest men over 50What Makes A Man Sexy?

 There was a recent survey that announced the 21 “Sexiest Men Over 50“.  To be honest, I’m appreciative that anyone is even taking of survey of MY demographic.

And the top three were hardly surprising: George Clooney, Antonio Banderas and Denzel Washington.  I find it way cool that this is a multiethnic list.

What WAS surprising in a good way was that a NON-movie star, not conventionally sexy man, 56 year old musical prodigy, Yo-Yo Ma was number six on the list!

This gives me a tiny bit of renewed faith in the human race an perhaps a little more hope to the “average” man after fifty.  When   Yo-Yo Ma was asked what made a man sexy, he replied, [Read more…]

When You Breakup, Who Gets To Keep The Naked Pictures?

who keeps the picsWhen You Break Up, Who Gets To Keep The Naked Pictures?

In this world of Facebook, Twitter, texting and especially SEXTING, it seems like there are quite a few unspoken protocols to master.

While I have had the exciting opportunity to have been gifted with a few incredibly sexy photos of some incredible women in my past, I have always been a gentleman about keeping them secure and private and would never even consider exploiting any of them or misusing them.  That consciousness might be part of why I received these pics in the first place.

However, having recently returned to the dating scene, I find that the unspoken rules have perhaps changed or are at least being verbalized differently.  The blonde goddess who wouldn’t share food, DID share a few anatomically correct pics with me (for more about this, see my article, Do YOU Have Control Issues, I KNOW I Do!).

In fact, [Read more…]

I LOVE Women Over 40!

women over 40I LOVE Women Over 40!

I’ve got to confess: I LOVE women over forty!  I know you’ll think I’m a freak for defying my evolutionary instincts and not joining the rest of the boring crowd in going for the hot, anorexic, airbrushed, implanted girls in vogue these days.  Feel free to mock me if you’d like.

Pretty much, I have always loved them.  I love ALL women, it’s just how I roll, but over forty – the BEST!  I’ve had sex with them, I’ve married them, I’ve had children with them – NOT necessarily in that order!

As a psychologist, analytically I can trace it back to my mother issues.  Like Freud might have said, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your MOTHER!”

Mine was strong, independent, and had a crazy sex life [Read more…]

Can We Balance Warrior and Lover in Relationship?

Can We Balance Warrior And Lover?Can We Balance Warrior and Lover in Relationship?

While assisting a recent Tantra workshop, I experienced the strong difference in my body between when I embody the Warrior and when I embody the Lover archetypes.  It was SO pronounced and uncomfortable a difference, I felt the need to write more about it and how it might impact us all in our relationships and in our lives.  If you are unfamiliar with these terms, I give a very basic explanation of the four masculine archetypes in my post, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Four Mature Masculine Archetypes.

Of course, during a Tantra workshop I expected to open up my heart, be fully in my body and to activate the Lover archetype.  Not exactly an earth shattering epiphany, now is it?  I felt open, loving, spiritual, connected, soft, vulnerable and available.

However, as an assistant of the workshop, I also had responsibilities to see that a safe environment was set for the participants.  Unfortunately there were a few snafus with logistics at the ocean view hotel we stayed at.  To take care of these issues, I had to put on my Warrior armor.  “This is DOCTOR Sheck, I’d like to speak to the hotel manager, …”

Immediately I could feel a different energy move through me.   [Read more…]

Pumpkin Pie Can Help Your Sex Life!

pumpkin pie can help your sex lifePumpkin Pie Can Help Your Sex Life!

Believe it or not, research from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center shows that the smell of pumpkin pie arouses men.  In a study of 40 odors, the smell of pumpkin pie combined with lavender increased blood flow to the penis by an average of 40 percent.

In addition, consuming pumpkin seeds, which are high in zinc, may increase testosterone production and be helpful with erections.  The study was performed on men ranging from 18 to 64.

Other smells that give a strong response in men are vanilla and strawberry.  Vanilla creates a strong reaction in older men and a strong response to strawberry is given by men who rate their sex life as most satisfying.

In another study, women responded the best to the smells of Good & Plenty candy combined with cucumbers.

So, what are you waiting for, start experimenting and let me know if pumpkin pie can help your sex life!  Leave me a comment with the results!

Dr. Adam Sheck

Ballsy Video For Male Cancer Awareness With Rhian

Believe it or not, more men in die each year of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer!  Why is that?  There are many theories, but I would suggest in my psychological simplicity that it’s because men are men!

We are stoic, tolerate pain, avoid seeking help, avoiding asking for directions and avoid seeing doctors unless we believe we are dying!  We ignore the warning signs of many physical illnesses.  And while many women are rallying to create awareness of breast cancer and find the cure, as men, perhaps we’d rather pretend that nothing is wrong.

This creative and VERY ballsy video features the beautiful model Rhian and will definitely get the attention of men.  WARNING: it is over the top, risqué and will be disturbing for some of you.  AND, ignoring cancer is even more disturbing, so I’m willing to take the risk in sharing this.

Pay attention to your body and to your health, especially those in our Men After Fifty Community!  We’ve got to look after each other!  PLEASE share this information with someone you care about.

Thanks so much,

Adam Sheck

Are Dominant Men Better In Bed?

Dominant Men Better In Bed?Are More Dominant and Attractive Men Better In Bed?

This has been a fascinating question that has been open for debate for a long, long time.  It’s probably only second to the “does size really matter” question.  From a biological perspective, it certainly would seem that the more “dominant” males will be better breeding stock and so will be more desirable to females.  On the other hand, our more “civilized” society would like us to believe that a more sensitive, caring man would make a better lover.

Well, wonder no longer, Penn State University completed a study of  110 heterosexual couples to find out the quality of female orgasm (a big factor in promoting conception) as a function of male dominance and attractiveness.  And the results are in!

The male partners were rated according to [Read more…]

What Does It Mean To Be A Man After Fifty?

I can only answer this question, “what does it mean to be a man after fifty?” from my own experience and ask that YOU will all comment and share YOUR answers as well. I hope to create a dialogue which will help me expand this “Men After Fifty” Community and Website in directions that will serve men and their loved ones.

As of the time of writing this article, I’m in my early fifties and I’ve really been contemplating what that means to me.  Although much of the time I still feel like I’m twenty-five, I also must admit that I’m “over the hump” and most likely have less time left on the planet than I’ve already lived.

To be honest, [Read more…]