What It Means To Be A Man After Fifty: Sunwolf

sunwolfIntroducing my FIRST guest blogger: Sunwolf

Already 50 plus, how about 60 and growing…. And grooving it.. Hey, we have no choice when it comes to Biological Age. We have choice as to how we feel..  I feel like a kid, on some level where  I have not grown up… grin grin .

I made a decision long time ago that age would not deter me from experiencing all the joy, bliss and pleasure I deserve. I choose to claim it on a daily basis.. This is our  birthright. I never played the game where society tells you to believe where we hear often ,that some day when you get to be over 40, you will slow down, start feeling pain etc., and lose the zest for life.

Yes, I AM an anomaly. And I am not even in the youth of Middle Age  grin grin. It’s all about how one feels. So I choose to [Read more…]

Steve Jobs and Me

Have I ever met Steve Jobs?  Not in person.  Yet he had a profound impact on my life, as he did on so many.  And his death touched me, impacted me, saddened me.

He was a MAN!  Probably not a perfect man, yet a man.  He lived his vision.  He was true to himself.  He didn’t compromise.  He didn’t settle.  He pushed himself and those around him to live full out, to live their greatness.

Everyone knows how he dropped out of school and started Apple in his garage.  How he was thrown out of his own company, replaced by a soft drink manager.  How he picked himself up, continued to live his vision, got his company back, and then brought it out of near bankruptcy to become (at least now) the largest company in the world.  He created, innovated, had a family and children and had interesting taste in clothes.

I remember as an undergraduate at MIT [Read more…]

What Does It Mean To Be A Man After Fifty?

I can only answer this question, “what does it mean to be a man after fifty?” from my own experience and ask that YOU will all comment and share YOUR answers as well. I hope to create a dialogue which will help me expand this “Men After Fifty” Community and Website in directions that will serve men and their loved ones.

As of the time of writing this article, I’m in my early fifties and I’ve really been contemplating what that means to me.  Although much of the time I still feel like I’m twenty-five, I also must admit that I’m “over the hump” and most likely have less time left on the planet than I’ve already lived.

To be honest, [Read more…]