Divine Apologies Bore Me!

divine apologies bore meDivine Apologies Bore Me!

While I can feel the sincerity behind them, I really have become bored with the series of “divine apologies” that have been circulating around some of the Internet spiritual and tantric communities and the additional apologies that they have inspired.  To be honest, it all makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit!  I know that’s not “mature”, yet it’s the truth or at least MY truth!

It doesn’t quite make sense to me.  The Divine is the Divine.  It’s ALREADY perfect by definition.  Apologies from the Divine feel not only superfluous but actually blasphemous.  I’m not a great Judeo-Christian, yet it does seem like taking the name of the Divine in vain, wouldn’t you agree?

 So on the spiritual plane, there really IS no need to apologize.

 On the human side, okay, sometimes makes sense.  I’m ALL for forgiveness and making amends.  Forgiveness is that spiritual AND psychological tool that allows us to surrender the past and projections into the future and be fully present right now!  It is the tool for connecting to the Divine in the Eternal Now!  I got that, I totally buy into it.

 However, I grew up in Brooklyn (before it was cool and popular) and I’m fairly direct, if not blunt.  The WORDS don’t particularly matter to me.  The HEART behind it does, the INTENTION does.

Being a TINY bit Brooklyn cynical I remember that back in the 80’s it used to be said that “I’m sorry” meant “I’m sorry, I’ll be more clever next time and not get caught”, so while words are nice, I don’t buy words alone.

 I need to feel ACTION!  Don’t tell me you’re sorry, SHOW ME!  Walk the talk, take action, do something.  The rest of it is horseshit.  Flowery maybe, but still smells like horseshit, at least to me.

 My deepest teaching was in the area of REDEMPTION.  I’m a believer in finding REDEMPTION in what occurs in our lives, in finding what’s good in it, in finding what lessons are there to learn and teach and share.  The victimhood and the white knights rescuing the victims with their mea culpas make me nauseous, mainly because I played that game for so long, on both sides.

 So I’m a touch reactive and cautious when I hear global apologies and pretty words.  Words have too much potential for sourcing from ego.  “I’m so big and important that I will take on the entire collective and apologize to it or for it or whatever.”

 Anyone who knows me might suggest that in my own humble way I have a pretty healthy-sized ego.  I don’t even mind arrogance if you can back it up, but this apologizing for the Divine Cock is too grandiose, even for me!

 In MY book, the Divine Feminine can hold it’s own and then some.  It can swallow up the Divine Masculine whole and still have room for dessert!

 We’re spiritual, sure.  AND, we’re in bodies for a reason.  We are personally incarnating for a reason, so let’s make it PERSONAL.  Don’t speak for me and mine, speak for yourself.  Don’t tell me how I feel, tell me how YOU feel.

 Bottom line: I’d prefer it if you deal with your projections and I’ll deal with mine.  You own your shit and I’ll own mine.

 Spirit will have its way regardless.  Don’t speak FOR the collective, let the collective speak THROUGH you, AS you.

 And having just assisted an incredible Tantra weekend by the beach, I can only say: When all else fails – DANCE!!!


Adam Sheck

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