Semen: The Facts!

Because a little education is a good thing, here are some basic facts about semen. Hope you learn something!


Dr. Adam Sheck




  1. Still horney at 82. Circumstances since 1993 confirm the saying, “Use it or loose it!”. Reversing impotence isn’t easy, if even possible. Commercial pills had serious side effects for me. Following alternative formulas suggest some success. Do you have any “sure fire” answers with diet, amino acids, herbs, exercise, or other considerations to bring back the sexual side of romance. Frustration can be psychologically devistating. You sure could make a name for yourself with the Fifty Plus age group by putting emphasis on natural solutions. Thanks for any help you can provide.
    Ed Bryan

    • Ed,
      It’s definitely an issue that we face as men and I’l definitely be writing about it in the future!
      Thanks so much for sharing,

  2. Adam,
    I love your new web site. But this one post caught my eye. As a sex therapist, I just had to check it out. What a great chart – never saw one like this. Interesting information.


    • Erica,
      Nice to hear from you, thanks for your kind words. I’m looking to create a resource for men in ALL areas of our lives.

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