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sunwolfIntroducing my FIRST guest blogger: Sunwolf

Already 50 plus, how about 60 and growing…. And grooving it.. Hey, we have no choice when it comes to Biological Age. We have choice as to how we feel..  I feel like a kid, on some level where  I have not grown up… grin grin .

I made a decision long time ago that age would not deter me from experiencing all the joy, bliss and pleasure I deserve. I choose to claim it on a daily basis.. This is our  birthright. I never played the game where society tells you to believe where we hear often ,that some day when you get to be over 40, you will slow down, start feeling pain etc., and lose the zest for life.

Yes, I AM an anomaly. And I am not even in the youth of Middle Age  grin grin. It’s all about how one feels. So I choose to express myself fully, play life full on, stay active, while keeping healthy . It never ceases to amaze me how many men feel old after even after  30 and start convincing themselves that they ought to slow down etc.

For me, being active, staying fit, and  eating healthfully and  thinking positive thoughts, these   elevate, uplift, and empower me.  All this balances my mental, physical and emotional while being creative, while expressing my passion, doing what I love and love what I am doing. It all leads to a balanced life that fuels passion and purpose.

My goal is to die a well person, be all used up with no time to dwell on age, yet honor the cycles and passages with grace and honor.

I have done quite a bit of work on myself ,and when I stay active, feed my body, mind , spirit with what excites me, it is like taking a natural youth hormone…. Incredible.. My attitude is my altitude and that is when I receive what I call a “ Lifelift”.

Feeling bliss and experiencing pleasure, joy, actually and expressing these words, adds youth to me.. I make time for living, as opposed to worrying about aging.

I learned  not to take life too seriously. I used to be in my head so much more, years ago, and tried to be right, defend myself, having my ego mind take over. With age, I have learned to surrender more, trust more and be in the moment more as life is all about the moment, moment after moment . There is nothing else to pursue and do….go with my intuition while paying attention to how I feel…I can be more vulnerable and that is the power which creates a wonderful intimacy with myself.

For me, hanging around positive people, whilst being active with projects that help others help themselves, and caring for my temple is a great recipe for moving into the next years of my life.. I believe in affirmations, too: ” I am getting younger with each passing day”. “My memory is improving more and more. etc.”

I remember when I was in my mid 50’s, I would say that I look forward to 60.. a total reversal to what the average person would say.. As I mentioned, I am whimsical, a contrarian…a freedom dancer.

 For me to play sports and compete with guys half my age is quite exciting, knowing that we can get better with age on so many levels.

Funny to say, yet true… I am so blessed to know that I have chosen wisely to keep myself young and vital as I mature. Talk about maturity, what I feel is a sense of knowing, wisdom to know the difference with my heart wide open to feel everything. This is like a tonic that strengthens every part of my  physical  mental, and  emotional being… What a feeling to experience when people come up to me with astonished  in disbelief that I am soon to be 61.

 Guess what, I look forward to being 70 and I wonder what people will be saying then.. hey, I am not about pushing my age. What I am about is, using every bit of potential I  have so that age for the most part is only a number, with very little time contemplating how old I am getting, as opposed to asking myself how am I going to enjoy this moment to the fullest.

Yes, I guess I really am an anomaly. I invite you to dare to be yourself and let YOU, not society dictate how you should feel and how you should take care of yourself.

Adam, thank you so much for allowing me to express myself and giving me the opportunity to write a blog on a subject like this. My wish for every man over 50 is to take inventory of their lives and choose that which will rejuvenate, revitalize and nourish body mind and spirit and with that, there is no time to be concerned or worry about age, since you are too busy playing, creating, manifesting the life your heart desires…

In Health and Bliss,

David aka Sunwolf

Known as the “Happy Healthy Man”, Sunwolf has been in the Health field for many years. In addition to being a Renegade Wizard, Freedom Dancer, and Truth Seeker, he markets a low heat cold pressed, yummy, guilt free Ultra-Healthy Chocolate. You may connect with him on Facebook.
Note: Anyone is welcome to submit a guest blogpost for Men After Fifty including men younger than fifty as well as women.  I’m always looking for your thoughts on “What It Means To Be A Man After Fifty” as well as other relevant issues.


  1. Well said David. My sentiments echo your own. I want to be sliding into home plate the day I draw my
    last breathe saying “what a ride.” I will not live an unlived life as someone so aptly put it. Kudos to you and
    thanks for sharing. vka

  2. Good for you, Sunwolf! I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. That I seem to be getting more beautiful, radiant and more alive now at 45. It’s nice to hear the perspective from someone who is 61!
    The perspective and wisdom of years makes life so much more easy to navigate, all one has to do is be sure to take care of one’s health so that the vessel can carry the brilliant flowering soul within!

  3. how about over fifty woman…51 now. i am just at peace with my pieces and it is great to have things i love to do for the rest of my life. glad to put the work into know self and health.
    glad to know you all these years and so great to see you this summer at the oregon country fair. if you don’t know it just google ‘ocf images’…you will see that it is a fun time.
    loved sitting in the audience of dr bruce lipton with you and resonating with the vibe there in the woods.
    blessed life…knowing you.

    • Moneca,
      You are MORE than welcome to write a guest post about what it means to be a woman over 50 for the MAF site! Don’t know if you’ve read my post “I LOVE Women Over 40”, but to me, you’re STILL a younger woman 🙂
      Let me know,
      Adam Sheck

  4. Thanks for your openness of expression about this David. I’m going to share a link to your post with the members of my Facebook group ‘Simple Qigong Exercises’ where I (59yrs young and growing younger every day) share free information about the practices that have helped me to stay youthful for the last 30 years. Greetings from the mountains of SW Poland.

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