Don’t Wait For The New Year, Start Now!

changeDon’t Wait For The New Year, Start Now!

Most of us wait until the “New Year” to reassess our lives and state new plans, intentions and “resolutions” for our lives. Yes, it’s a time when there is general consensus that this is a good thing to do, yet why wait?

If you want to create change in your life, why wait? NOW is the only time that you can make change, whether that NOW happens to occur today, tomorrow or on the first of January. The only thing that creates change is creating change: in the mind, the heart, the body. It starts with intention and completes with follow through. And it begins NOW!

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What Do You See? Beautiful Poem On Aging

what do you seeWhat Do You See?

A Beautiful Poem On Aging


I read a beautiful poem on aging recently, posted on the Internet as coming from an old man in Australia who died in a nursing home with nothing to his name but this poem in his pocket.

It’s a beautiful poem and VERY appropriate to the Men After Fifty blogsite.  HOWEVER, it has also been attributed to a “crabby old man” in Florida as well as a “crabby woman” and a host of others.  It is yet another urban legend.

Since I’d like to give credit where credit is due, I did a little Internet research and discovered that it was written quite some time ago by a disabled veteran named Dave Griffith who writes a LOT of poetry and titled, “Too Old Soon”.  You can enjoy his work at his website.

Let me know what feelings and thoughts are inspired by the poem below:


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Divine Apologies Bore Me!

divine apologies bore meDivine Apologies Bore Me!

While I can feel the sincerity behind them, I really have become bored with the series of “divine apologies” that have been circulating around some of the Internet spiritual and tantric communities and the additional apologies that they have inspired.  To be honest, it all makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit!  I know that’s not “mature”, yet it’s the truth or at least MY truth!

It doesn’t quite make sense to me.  The Divine is the Divine.  It’s ALREADY perfect by definition.  Apologies from the Divine feel not only superfluous but actually blasphemous.  I’m not a great Judeo-Christian, yet it does seem like taking the name of the Divine in vain, wouldn’t you agree?

 So on the spiritual plane, there really IS no need to apologize.

 On the human side, okay, sometimes makes sense.  I’m ALL for forgiveness and making amends.  Forgiveness is that spiritual AND psychological tool that allows us to surrender the past and projections into the future and be fully present right now!  It is the tool for connecting to the Divine in the Eternal Now!  I got that, I totally buy into it.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Man After Fifty?

I can only answer this question, “what does it mean to be a man after fifty?” from my own experience and ask that YOU will all comment and share YOUR answers as well. I hope to create a dialogue which will help me expand this “Men After Fifty” Community and Website in directions that will serve men and their loved ones.

As of the time of writing this article, I’m in my early fifties and I’ve really been contemplating what that means to me.  Although much of the time I still feel like I’m twenty-five, I also must admit that I’m “over the hump” and most likely have less time left on the planet than I’ve already lived.

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